How long have I not been on here!? Wow
Surprisingly I still remember the password xD

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Justin Bieber Admits He’s Got Few Friends

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Justin Bieber’s plans for 2013 


Justin Bieber on how to be the best


Justin Bieber’s special voice

Anonymous asked:
do you know when Nicky Johnston's will be out for free?

nope but i think im getting some of the previews for free :) i know someone who might get them for me and i’ll post them on jusgo.


Oprah, First Look: Justin Bieber’s Hair-Raising Decision


Justin Singing to the OLLG in Pittsburgh.

ahaha the way he’s like “go faster” at the end. If i was her i’d take my time just to be with him for a few more seconds


Amazing shirtless performance of “As long as you love me” by Justin in Pittsburgh.

check out more of his performances:

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